Meet the Characters

Meet the characters of Goth Girl, Virgin Queen:

Jackie: A psychic … oops, she doesn’t like to be called that … and the seventeen-year-old protagonist who denies her paranormal abilities and hides from her past. She’d do anything for her best friend Jason, anything except … well, you’ll have to read the book.
Jason: Jackie’s best friend in the whole world and a total emo who wears his heart on his sleeve and a heavy weight on his shoulders. Totally in love with Jackie.
Trish: Jackie’s brooding and fickle friend who likes to play with Ouija boards and draw Gothic crosses in her school notebook. She’s the reason Jackie gets into the trouble she’s in to.
Zeta: Jackie’s sassy and most energetic friend. Always there to give Jackie moral support … no, seriously.
Babu: Jackie’s great grandma. Once a devout Russian Orthodox Catholic, she now burns her holy candles at home, prays the chotki, and religiously watches Wheel of Fortune. She can’t speak a word of English, only Russian, but still she and Jackie (who knows only how to say “the soup is good” and “I love you” in Russian) communicate just fine.
David: The smoking hot seminarian whom Jackie can’t shut off emotionally.